This is the audiofiles web page

Here you can find audio files to play in your Dragon's Radio

Use an audio file by contacting the server owner on discord

and telling what song(s) you would like to use

Hint: use Ctrl+F to search for a song or an author

Disclaimer: THESE SONGS are ONLY for private use on the server,

NOT for redistribution, that would be against the law!

Boomcraft does NOT OWN any rights to the listed songs,

copyright owners WILL be listed beside the name of the songs.

IF a COPYRIGHT OWNER want THEIR song taken down, it WILL BE

taken down A.S.A.P. if valid evidence is prompted!

content owners can contact me directly at the E-mail address :  [email protected]

Your information WONT be shared with anyone without your consent!

Thanks for reading and eventually contacting me!



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Country Roads - John Denver


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Daily news

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Danish Songs/authors

Kald det kaerlighed - Lars Lilholt


Himmelhunden - Teddy Edelmann


Volvo B18 210 - Rodger and over


Danse i Maaneskin - Trine Dyrholm


Smuk som et stjerneskud - Broedrende Olsen


Fly on the wings of love - Olsen brothers