Unconditional obligation to give way AKA other people comes first:

Recognize an unconditional obligation to give way by asking the following questions,

if ANY of them are answered with yes, unconditional obligation to give way applies:


Do I have to pass something that's not clear asphalt(footpath, biker path, triangles on the road)?

Do I come directly from a parking lot?

Is there a triagonal downward sign on my right side of my road?

Do I have to go over something to enter the road I want to go to?

Is my road diffirent from the one I'm entering?


Some examples of unconditional obligation to give way:


===> End of unconditional obligation to give way <===


Priority to the right:

Recognize a priority to the right by asking the comming questions

if ALL of them are answerd with no, there is priority to right



Is my road diffirent from the one on i'm entering?



Some notes about priority to the right:

- There is priority to the right if the traffic light is out of order and ALL roads have

a footpath and/or a biker path and no triagonal signs pointing down are present on any of the roads, also, including your own

- Priority to the right is not present if you pass a road from a building of some sort even if it's the same coating unless it

has a sign to it, could be road name, could be one (or more) house number(s)


Some examples of priority to the right and if it applies or not:


Priority to the right applies here:

(insert screenshots here)


Traffic Lights:


Traffic lights are essential for you to know because they are quite normal on the road,

they should be pretty easy to understand, but here is a guide of them nonetheless:


Red light:

This obviously means you must stop the car and wait for green light.

Make sure you are in the correct lane for your journey ahead


Red + Yellow:

You are getting green light soon, get ready to drive when it turns green



You have green light, drive!

Notice the unconditional obligation to give way sign, this applies to you if the traffic light doesn't work



You are getting red light soon, if it's possible, you should stop your car and wait for green light

Note: The term "if it's possible" means if you are driving too fast to be able to stop or cars are pulling up behind you and you can't brake in time without indangering others